NIA-funded Predoctoral Research Training in Aging

Student Trainees

The University of Florida has an active student Predoctoral Research Training program in aging. Key features of the program include appointment of a multidisciplinary faculty mentoring team, and regular colloquia. Some students may also qualify for full National Institute on Aging-funded 12-month fellowships to support aging research. Students are recruited primarily on the basis of their fit with a primary mentor from the training program's core faculty, their commitment to aging research, and their willingness to achieve a high level of productivity in the areas of publications, presentations and grants.

Students below represent an outstanding group of trainees. They are integral members of the UF aging community, and student training constitutes part of the "heart and soul" around which our training faculty have coalesced."

Student Name

Disciplinary Department
Primary Mentor
Jacqueline Baron
Susan Bluck
Joe Dzierzewski**
Clinical and Health Psychology
Christina McCrae
Pamela Dubyak
Clinical and Health Psychology
Steve Anton/Mike Perri
Meagan Farrell
Lise Abrams
Erin Hastings*
Robin West
Catherine Marcinkiewcz*
Darragh Devine
Sandra Mitchell*
Clinical and Health Psychology
Cate Price
Shannon Sisco*
Clinical and Health Psychology
Michael Marsiske
Chris Sozda
Clinical and Health Psychology
William Perlstein
Ashley Stripling
Christina McCrae
Laura Zahodne*
Clinical and Health Psychology Dawn Bowers
Zvinka Zlatar**
Clinical and Health Psychology Bruce Crosson
Graduated Trainees
Current Location
Past Mentor
Kristina Aenlle

Tom Foster, Neuroscience
Adrienne Aiken Morgan
Postdoctoral fellow, Duke University
Michael Marsiske, Clinical and Health Psychology
Nicole Alea, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Psychology, University of the West Indies
Susan Bluck, Gerontology and Psychology
Jennifer Bugos, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, College of Fine Arts and Communications, Eastern Carolina University
Christina McCrae, Gerontology and Psychology
Tyson Brown, MA
Ph.D. student, UNC
Amy Pienta, Sociology
Judy Campbell
Nursing instructor, University of Central Florida
Meredeth Rowe, Nursing
Sarah Cook
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan
Michael Marsiske, Clinical and Health Psychology
Alissa Dark-Freudeman
Assistant Professor, Psychology, UNC Wilmington
Robin West, Psychology
Natalie Dautovich
Clinical psychology intern
Christina McCrae, Psychology
Amanda Floetke Elliot College of Nursing, University of Alabama-Birmingham
Ann Horgas, Adult and Elderly Nursing
Michael Justiss Assistant Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy, Indiana University William Mann, Rehabilitation Sciences
Dunja Lund Trunk

Lise Abrams, Psychology
Dennis McCarthy
Assistant Professor,
William Mann, Rehabilitation Sciences
Karin McCoy, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Michael Marsiske/Rus Bauer, Clinical and Health Psychology
Sara Jill Rotter Margolin

Lise Abrams, Psychology
Arlene Schmid, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy, Indiana University
Pamela W. Duncan, Rehabilitation Sciences
Angi Semegon

Manfred Diehl, Psychology
Sherri Smith, Ph.D.
Research audiologist, Veteran's Administration, Mountain Home TN
Pat Kricos, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Utaka Springer
Neuropsychology Intern, VA Northern California Health Care System (Martinez, CA)
Dawn Bowers, Clinical and Health Psychology
Roxanne Thorn, Ph.D.
Privately employed, Tampa FL
Robin West, Psychology
Melanie Wakeman, Ph.D.
Instructor, California State University
Amy Pienta, Sociology
Katherine White, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Psychology, College of Charleston
Lise Abrams, Psychology

* Currently funded by T32 award

** Currently funded by NRSA or other federal training supplement

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