NIA-funded Predoctoral Research Training in Aging Core Faculty Application Instructions

To apply for status as a Core Faculty member of the aging training program:

1. Submit a current curriculum vitae

2. Submit a written statement (1-2 pages) which addresses the following core questions:

a. What is your previous experience with graduate training (either as a mentor or trainee), and how has it prepared you for our multi-disciplinary aging training program?

b. Describe your “mentoring philosophy”? How do you, generally, like to structure your work with doctoral research trainees to maximize reciprocal outcomes?

c. What do you view as the major goals you strive toward in the mentorship of doctoral research trainees.

d. Participation in the aging training program does require some regular time commitment. Core faculty are generally expected to attend the weekly aging colloquium, and they are expected to have regular individual meetings with their trainees (typically weekly). Core faculty also agree to participate in tri-annual mentoring meetings for their trainees, and to serve as members on a few other mentoring committees (i.e., for students of other Core Faculty members). Discuss whether this time commitment seems reasonable, in light of your other professional demands, and how you expect to be able to maintain these commitments.

Submit documents electronically to Michael Marsiske. Accepted core faculty members are admitted on a “probationary” basis for one academic year (this means that any committees they chair will also be assigned a co-mentor, who can assist with learning the processes). After one academic year of mutually satisfactory participation, the probationary status is removed.

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