NIA-funded Predoctoral Research Training in Aging

How do I apply?

There is a single application. 

* Please note that you must have been previously admitted as a trainee (Part A), or apply for traineeship (Part A) concurrent with your Part B application in order to be considered for funding.

The Part A application (admission for training) consists of

  1. An applicaton form
  2. A current curriculum vitae
  3. A letter of endorsement from your proposed Core Faculty mentor (see application form for details)

The Part B application (application for funding) consists of

  1. Additional application form questions
  2. A current curriculum vitae (if not submitted with Part A)
  3. An expanded letter of endorsement from your proposed Core Faculty mentor (see application form for details)
  4. A letter of recommendation from an additional faculty member who can comment on your research career goals and research productivity.

With regard to deadlines,

How does this program work?

Eligibility for the program

Typical timeline of progress through the program**:
Pre-qualifying Examination
Apply for admission to the training program (unfunded), typically in the first year of doctoral study
Post-qualifying Examination
Apply for funding from the T32 program.  Students will typically expect to have 1-2 years left in residence in Gainesville.

** Note that while these are typical trajectories, exceptions are possible.  Please contact the training director for help in dealing with specific situations.

For admitted students, some of the main features of our program are:

As a side note, quality of life considerations will also be attractive to many students. The city of Gainesville and the surrounding area offer many cultural and recreational activities, a climate conducive to year-around outdoor life, easy access to beaches, and relatively low cost of living.

For information not contained in these web pages, please contact Michael Marsiske, Associate Professor, Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, University of Florida, Box 100165, Gainesville, FL 32610-0165, E-mail: marsiske@ufl.edu, Phone: (352) 273-5097; Fax: (801) 720-5897.  Physical address:  Room 3145, HPNP Building.  Warning:  Based on past experience, do not use campus mail unless you are well in advance of the submission deadline.

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How does this program work?

How do I apply?

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