NIA-funded Predoctoral Research Training in Aging

Core Training Faculty

The Core Training faculty are a subset of the over 300 faculty on the UF campus who conduct research, teaching and service in aging. This group of individuals is distinguished by several characteristics:

  • Aging (gerontology or geriatrics) is at the core of their professional profile, with substantial funding and published scholarship on aging topics.
  • The personal selection of core faculty status, with a concomitant commitment to regularly participate in aging training events, like the colloquium. These faculty members share a desire to submit students for, and mentor students in, the campus-wide aging training program.
  • A willingness to serve as a research advisor for students in our various certificate and minor programs, and to teach courses for those programs where possible.

By clicking on individuals' names below, you will be linked to more detailed biosketches for each person.

Faculty Member

Research Concentration
Lise Abrams, Ph.D.
Language comprehension, language production and memory retrieval
Lori Altmann, Ph.D.
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Language in cognitive aging and Alzheimer's disease
Monika Ardelt, Ph.D.
Aging well and dying well, wisdom in old age
Russell Bauer, Ph.D., ABPP/CN
Clinical and Health Psychology.
Adult neuropsychology, memory disorders,epilepsy, emotion, functional neuroimaging.
Susan Bluck, Ph.D.
Center for Gerontological Studies, Psychology
Social cognition, particularly autobiographical memory across the life span. Life Story Lab
Dawn Bowers, Ph.D., ABPP
Clinical and Health Psychology.
Affective neuroscience, aging and dementia, stress and memory disorders, emotional disorders in neurologic diseases, epilepsy, forensic neuropsychology.
Neale Chumbler, Ph.D.
VA, Health Services Administration, Brooks Rehabilitation Center
Health services research in aging, access to and outcomes of care for rural and minority older adults
Manfred Diehl, Ph.D.
Life-span development: self and personality, social and emotional development
Pamela Duncan, Ph.D.
Brooks Center for Rehabilitation Studies Rehabilitation Outcomes Research Center (VA HSR&D/RR&D)
Rehabilitation intervention and outcomes, physical disability in geriatrics: assessment and treatment, falls and imbalance
Heather Gibson, Ph.D.
Recreation, Parks and Tourism
Contribution of leisure to the well-being of older women
John Henretta, Ph.D.
Retirement, family structure and family exchanges
Ann Horgas, RN Ph.D.
Pain, functional status, cognition, nursing home caregiving
Tanya Koropeckyj-Cox, Ph.D.
Family structure, households, health, aging
Patricia Kricos, Ph.D.
Communication Sciences and Disorders, Center for Gerontological Studies
Audiology, hearing rehabilitation for elders with hearing loss
William Mann, OTR, Ph.D.
Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation Science
Compensatory strategies to promote independence among frail elderly
Michael Marsiske, Ph.D.
Clinical & Health Psychology, Psychology
Cognition and everyday competence
Christina McCrae, Ph.D.
Center for Gerontological Studies, Psychology
Sleep and aging, behavioral insomnia treatments
Terry Mills, Ph.D.
Mental health and minority health issues; grandparents and grandchild relationships
Meredeth Rowe, RN Ph.D.
Behavioral problems in community-dwelling persons with dementia
Bryan Weber, ARNP, Ph.D.
Dyadic interventions, elderly, men’s health, prostate cancer, depression, self-efficacy, social support
Robin West, Ph.D.
Center for Gerontological Studies, Psychology
Memory training, everyday memory and memory beliefs
Carolyn Wilken, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Family, Youth and Community Sciences, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
Family and social gerontology, family caregiving, community based educational programs for older adults and their families

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