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Aging Colloquium/GEY 6936

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The Aging Colloquium Series will showcase aging research taking place at the University of Florida and other institutions statewide, nationally, and internationally. A cadre of research scientists in the field of aging will be invited to give presentations to a multidisciplinary audience of aging scholars. The main goal is to advance the level of aging scholarship within our academic community and the broader field of aging by providing a formalized and regular forum for sharing research findings with one another. An important additional goal for the colloquium series is to provide socialization and educational opportunities for UF aging students.

Archived colloquium schedule from 2004-2005 academic year
Archived colloquium schedule from 2003-2004 academic year
Archived colloquium schedule from 2002-2003 academic year
Archived colloquium schedule from 2001-2002 academic year
Archived colloquium schedule from 2000-2001 academic year

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