Aging Trainee Poster Day, November 2003

Dr. Manfred Diehl waits patiently.
Sarah Cook greets first "customer"
Dr. Bryan Weber looks on.
Dr. Ann Horgas prepares refreshments
Constructive feedback
Nicole Alea practices her talk.
Adrienne Aiken
Jennifer Stanley and Dennis McCarthy
Karin McCoy sends greetings from Memphis
Dennis McCarthy
Dunja Lund
New arrival Dr. Lori Altmann, with Lise Abrams
Sujan Shrestha, Nicole Alea, and Sue McLennon
Sara Jill Rotter
Arlene Schmid
Vonetta Jones
Amanda Floetke
Jacqueline Baron
Jennifer Stanley
Sujan Shrestha
GEY 6936 students take notes from Angi Semegon
Dr. Christina McCrae
Dr. Susan Bluck
Restful pondering
Sara Jill Rotter

Published: 11-10-2003
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