Student Research on Aging Symposium, 

Institute for Learning in Retirement, at Oak Hammock,March 2011

                                                                                                                Dr. John Scott, Co-organizer

The Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) is a cooperative venture among Oak Hammock, UF and Elderhostel. Continuing education programs are presented by University of Florida professors,  as well as experts in particular fields of study – and classes are held on the Oak Hammock campus. For many years, the ILR has showed substantial support for research and training in aging at UF. The ILR sponsors annual mentor and student research awards.

Student paper competition

This year, ILR invited students and emerging professionals (graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and possibly undergraduate first authors) to present at the "ILR/UF Student Research-on- Aging Symposium" on Tuesday March 15. All research presented was expected to address topics related to aging, late life, adult development, and/or associated age-related conditions/phenomena (e.g., dementia, physical disability). The twelve student papers presented were selected from a larger set of outstanding submissions; those selected for the program received top scores in the areas of scientific merit, clarity, and interest to a lay audience.

Judging of spoken presentations

A panel of three judges, comprised of ILR members, evaluated all presentations. Dimensions judged included: Aging relevance, clarity of topic/application, originality and organization, depth of understanding, visuals, oral skills, vocal clarity, professionalism, acknowledgement of collaborators, response to questions.

The presentations were uniformly excellent, and ILR members indicated that it was likely they would host an event like this again in a subsequent year. Presentatins were interesting and, per the ILR judges, highly relevant to our late-in-life experiences. Judging the presentations by three ILR members was not an easy task as all presentations were very worthy. 

The three highest ranked presentations were:

A copy of the full program, with abstracts, may be found here.  The images below capture snapshots of this special day.

Speaker Title Other Authors / Mentors
Bell, Heather Relationships in Mid-Life and Older Women's Team Sport Heather J. Gibson
Cannell, Michael Severity of Disability May Lead to Increased Risk of Cognitive Decline Bouldin, ED;Akhtar, WZ; Andresen, EM
Oh, Hunhui Wisdom in Life: Searching for the Roots of Positive Human Development throughout the Life Course Monika Ardelt
Farrell, Meagan The Influence of Phonology on Age-Related Changes in Word Retrieval Abrams, L.
Jordan, Lizabeth Blunted Emotional Memory in Parkinson's Disease Patients Bowers, D.
Higgins, Torrance Evaluation of self-efficacy and anxiety on the use of compensatory strategies during daily tasks among pre-clinically disabled older adults Janelle, CM, Naugle, KM, Knaggs, J, Hoover, BM, Manini, TM
Burns, Margaret Evaluating Self-Performed Acupressure for Sleep and Chronic Pain in Older Adults Yoon, S.
Hernandez, Anne Driving missing events in persons with dementia Buckley, A., Rowe, M., Greenblum, C., Seale, J.A.
Tanner, Jared Dissociating Gray and White Matter Contributions to Verbal List-learning and Memory Price, C., Towler, S., Moran, S., Libon, D.
Latham, Kenzie Nursing Home Stays and the Pace of Severe Disability Onset Peek, C.
Lee, John Fractures in Elderly Emergency Department Patients Stead, LG; Nayfield, S
Bennett, Crystal Effects of Line Dancing on Balance in Older Adults with Mobility Difficulty Roberts, B.